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All information on visa for Belgium.

Visa for Belgium

All information on applying for a visa to Belgium.
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Visa Application Procedure

Visa applications are handled by TLScontact offices in Jordan and Iraq (Internet Explorer is not supported). Their Call Centres can be reached by telephone at: +962 79 111 44 33 (Jordan) and +964 78 3541 5201 (Iraq).

If you are a resident of Jordan or Iraq and you want to apply for a visa for Belgium or Luxembourg, please follow the steps hereunder:

Step 1: Know your visa type

Step 2: Create an account

Step 3: Fill in the electronic Visa Application From

Step 4: Book an appointment at the visa centre of your choice (Internet Explorer is NOT supported!): 

Step 5: Submit the passport, application form and all the supporting documents at the visa centre

Please note that:

  • The account can be used later for further applications.
  • From this account, you can complete and send different visa application forms (e.g. family members).

You can only apply for a Belgian Schengen visa if:  

  1. Belgium is the only destination you are traveling to in the Schengen zone.
  2. Your main stay in the Schengen zone will be in Belgium, either in length or purpose of stay.
  3. Belgium is the first entry to the Schengen zone (in case of equal length of stay in multiple Schengen states).

Documents in Arabic must be translated into English or one of the national languages (French, Dutch, German) by a sworn translator.

For Long stay visa (= more than 90 days), official documents issued by public authorities (marriage, birth, and death certificates, or diplomas, police clearance certificates and affidavits) have to be legalized before submitting. Click here for all details on legalizations.

Diplomatic passport holders and family members (from the same household) of an EU citizen can still submit their visa applications directly at the Embassy of Belgium after filling out the visa application form on the website and taking an appointment via e-mail:


Visa handling fees

  • Short stay visa C (less than 90 days): 80 EUR or 60 JOD.
  • Long stay visa D (more than 90 days): 180 EUR or 135 JOD.

Please note that the visa fee is non-refundable.

An additional contribution is required for the processing of certain visa D applications; in this case you will be requested to submit a proof of payment of this additional contribution as a part of your visa application, otherwise your application will be considered inadmissible.

Please note that the handling fee is to be paid at the time of the application. If the applicant is exempt from paying the handling fee, he or she is not automatically exempt from paying the additional contribution. For more information about this, we refer you to the Immigration Office website

service fee equivalent to 18 EUR (Jordan) or 40 EUR (Iraq) will be charged by the Visa Application Centre. Applicants that are exempt from the visa fee are not exempted from paying the service fee. Please note that under no circumstances a fee should be paid for making an appointment at the Visa Application Centre.

Checking the status of your visa application

Belgian embassies and consulates must submit certain visa applications to the Immigration Office of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs for a final decision. It is the only competent authority with regards to the admittance, stay, residence and removal of foreigners from Belgian territory.

The Immigration Office can inform you about the procedures or the status of a visa application. Their call centre is open from 9.30 AM to 12 PM and from 2 PM to 3 PM (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) and from 2 PM to 4 PM on Thursday via +32 2 488 88 00 and can also be reached by email: Have your file number or the number of the administrative file (PSN + 7 digits) ready!

Using your file number, you can also check the status of your visa application on the Immigration Office website

Once a decision has been taken by the Immigration Office, the applicant will be informed about the status of the visa application by TLScontact.